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Al Liquid Silver, from Los Angeles California, one of the pioneers in the salsa scene,  is known for his unique style and very original salsa shows. He has taught and performed in over 50 countries around the world. Al combined an old school hip hop and popping with salsa and called it Millennium Style. He is known for his theme shows such as: Beetle Juice, Terminator, Cowboy, Transformers, Pepe le Pew etc. Al has performed with several latin music artists such as Tito Puente Jr, Luisito Rosalio, Jose Alberto Canario, Palabra, Jon Secada. He has also performed for the off Broadway musical in New York City, called Latin Madness, with some of New York’s best salsa dancers: Santo Rico, Descarga Latina, Jesus Aponte, Mario B., Franklin Diaz, Candy Mena, Stracy Diaz and more. Al also has done shows for Univision, Tele Mundo, Mega TV3. Although Al Liquid Silver is from Los Angeles and dances LA style, he also lived in NYC to be trained on 2 New York style. In the last few years Al has mainly focused on teaching  and perfecting his salsa syllabus that has helped people, who has struggled to learn how to dance, to become very good dancers. So we welcome to you Al Liquid Silver.




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L.A. / Miami


Millennium Style Salsa