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Alex Began dancing samba at the age of 6 in the frontier with Brazil and participated in samba parades as well as dance formations.  For the next four years would build the foundation of a highly advanced sense of rhythm.  From the age of 10  to 16 he developed additional styles urban styles including hip-hop, salsa, merengue.  While he continued to grow in Latin rhythms, Alex achieved the national title in hip hop.

It is at the age of 17 that Alex, became involved in formal dancing and associating with renowned dance personalities.  This is where the birth of salsa merengue, bachata and similar rhythms started.  Combined with the training in Latin rhythms, Alex also received training in other styles and jazz, ballet, hip, contemporary and several other styles.  As he continued to grow in dancing, he developed his aptitude for salsa dancing in several styles including LA style and Cuban style.  As he perfected his style, he performed in several nationally recognized events and established himself as a formidable dancer.  In Uruguay he was part of prestigious dance groups (“Montevideo Mambo”) and participate in several events named salsa congress.

Alex has worked and collaborated with numerous prestigious dance groups including:

Tropical Gem & Adrian y Anita.  Both as an athlete and an instructor, Alex has worked with several groups teaching private dance lessons for groups and individuals.  He has also worked for 8 years at a dance institute in Uruguay.  Today he focuses on teaching individuals from beginning to advanced styles.

“I was regular person, but thanks to encouragement and training, I grew to become an accomplished singer.  It is my goal to help people no matter their experience, become fulfilled dancers”






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Brazil / Uruguay



L.A. Style Salsa / Cuban