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Owner & founder of Casa Salsa Dance Studio, Christian Espinola has been teaching and performing in Fort Lauderdale, FL. for almost a decade and has established his Casa Salsa as one of South Florida’s premiere Latin dance studios. His life-long passion for Salsa led him to specialize in Latin dance and eventually open his studio after which he quickly began to gain recognition within Salsa community.

Under Christian’s direction, Casa Salsa has risen within the community earning them numerous features at major dance events throughout Florida and the U.S. including 3 Miami Heat half-time shows, extensive work with many not-for-profit organizations throughout the state and a spot as official representatives of the CW Network’s, Spanish Heritage Month.

Christian’s energy and enthusiasm make his classes exciting and interactive for which he has gained notoriety as one of Florida’s top Salsa dancers & instructors, highly esteemed by his peers & students.


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