Guy Lovell / Nuevolution

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Miami Salsa Congress featured instructor, Guy a.k.a “DarkSalero”, was born in Harlem and raised in the South Bronx. He eventually moved to Florida where he found his passion for the art of L.A. Style Salsa On1 and NY Style Mambo On2. Having a background in Hip Hop, Tap, and Ballet helped him grasp salsa and begin to form his own unique way of listening and dancing to the music.

For the past 4 years during his formal training in Salsa, he had the opportunity to train under Nery Garcia, Tanja Kensinger, Jorge “Salsafix” Cruz, and Al “Liquid Silver” Espinoza. During this time, he had the opportunity to teach at Salsafix Dance Studios and perform on Al Liquid Silver’s Performance Team. He eventually formed Nuevolution Dance Studio with the help of his wife Cristina and his best friend Sean Steele.

Currently he is working on developing choreography and building the school name as well as a new style and interpretation of dance to the Salsa community.




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L.A. Style On1 and New York Mambo On2