Jayson Molina Y Sus Rompecabezas

Artist Profile

Internationally recognized as one of Salsa’s leading artists; instructor, performer and choreographer, Jayson Molina, is regarded among the top 10 touring artists in the world consistently headlining at major dance events, festivals and concerts. His features include a long list of Salsa congresses including MSC for over 10 years running, major concerts for artists such as Andy Montañez, Ismael Miaranda and Paquito Guzman among others, as well as a large number of dedicated workshops at dance studios around the world.

His contribution to Salsa is reflected in the countless groups who employ many fundamental elements of Jayson’s soulful and energetic style. Although undoubtedly due to it’s attractiveness and versatility, this is also also due in part to his work with so many dancers across the globe. When Jayson and “Sus Rompecabezas” are not delivering powerful performances on stage, he can be found mentoring the next generation of artists sharing with them his knowledge and experience to help them develop as professional dancers. Much like Eddie Torres guided Jayson Molina through his first Salsa steps at only 8 years old, Jayson has made it a priority to share his passion with those he has inspired.

Together with his troupe, Rompecabezas, Jayson delivers and energetic and exciting performance you won’t want to miss.





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Puerto Rico


San Juan


Puerto Rican Style On2