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Founder of the internationally acclaimed dance studio, Salsa Lovers, in Miami, Rene Gueits is credited with being one of the principal influencers of the international expansion of Salsa/Rueda de Casino during the late 90’s. At the time, Salsa was beginning to boom throughout U.S, Europe and Asia, thanks to the creation of the Salsa Congress concept and a talented group of individuals that headlined at these unique shows around the world. Among them was Gueits, who brought with him a very unique style he learned while frequenting the local nightclubs in Miami and one that was relatively unknown outside the Cuban community; it was Cuban Rueda de Casino.

Recognized for his energetic and unique teaching style, and for his ability to engage students, Gueits is regarded as one of the top Latin dance instructors in the world and a leader within the Salsa community for developing a standardized formula for teaching Salsa to large groups of students in an organized and efficient way. Drawing from his formal ballroom and tango training, Rene took main stream teaching techniques and applied them to the Casino format to create a method for systematically guiding students through the fundamental steps of Salsa dancing using levels and an organized syllabus; a method that has become a global standard for teaching the style.



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