Kids Experience

Throughout the years we have supported children with a passion for Latin dance by encouraging them to learn, perform, and explore in order to truly enjoy the Miami Salsa Congress experience.

Successfully launched at the 20th Annual Miami Salsa Congress, this year we continue our completely customized experience just for children and teenagers who attend MSC!

Designed by a team of people who understand and love children, the Kids Experience pass will ensure that young dancers enjoy every second of the Miami Salsa Congress to the fullest!

As our event continues to grow, we want each parent and coach to feel that their child has a place at the Miami Salsa Congress. Our unique program will help strengthen and unite the community of young dancers attending Latin dance events, and as we continue to expand, it will too. This is our way of celebrating the future of Latin dance and thanking all of you for being a part of it.

What It Includes:

Full Access to The Miami Salsa Congress – Workshops, Performances, and Parties, all weekend long!

Meet & Greet/Q&A – This hour-long event will be held at the Eden Roc Miami Beach Hotel! Parents and pass holders will be welcomed by Rene Gueits, Marielena Martinez and the rest of the Miami Salsa Congress team. Attendees will be encouraged to socialize with each other, as well as several artists and instructors who will also be in attendance to answer questions from the audience.

1 Workshop – Taught by Mari Martinez, this high-energy workshop will encourage children to be more dynamic and powerful when they dance.

1 Performance – One performance at the Miami Salsa Congress!

1 Entry to the “MSC Youth Championships” – Enter the “MSC Youth Championships” and compete to earn prizes!